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Engineering is a huge field and has many categories in it. Basically, engineering is application of principles which will enable to create an object or infrastructure or machine to help humans and to better their quality of life. There are many categories in engineering and there are more number of engineers in the world than the number of scientists and researchers. 

Some of the major categories are civil, mechanical, software, aeronautical and chemical engineering. The most common among them are civil, mechanical and software engineering. Information technology companies are increasing their existing capacities or many new companies are coming up every day. 

Software engineering has good scope for career opportunity. However, it also has stiff competition and one has to have the right education and genuine interest in the field to make a career in this field. Civil engineering is also another stream which is very popular stream of engineering. 

Many students prefer to become engineers in this stream to realize their dream of designing and constructing modern day infrastructures. Civil engineering provides huge opportunity as the demand for good eco friendly designs are increasing. Mechanical engineering has been an historically popular stream of engineering.  Mechanical engineering is a vast subject and enables engineers to design, produce and maintain machines. All the steams of engineering provide some or the other kind of product to the general public, which can either make living comfortable or hard task easier.


3 Tips to Hire a Qualified Engineer

There are so many tasks in this world that most people are simply not qualified to do. Because of this, it's important to know who to hire and how to tell that such a person is actually qualified. One of the biggest times when this becomes important is when you hire an engineer. Engineers are crucial for a ton of different tasks, including all kinds of design work and analysis. Whether you&...


Engineering Disciplines Explained

This article gives you a high level overview about the various engineering disciplines. Engineering is a broad term and encompasses various definitions, contexts, and semantics. But in general, it is the art, theory, and practical application of engineering theory to arrive at technological solutions to solve problems. Civil Engineering Civil engineering deals with the conceptualization, design...


Drafting Principles

Drafting is a type of drawing that most people have only a small degree of familiarity with. While anyone who can lift a pencil can sketch out something, drafting is a far more exact science. When you draft, your intention is to make an object exacting and understandable from several different views. Upon viewing a well drafted object, an individual can theoretically construct a physical model o...


Engineering to Code

Engineering is one of the most exact and conspicuously exact sciences known to man. While many kinds of sciences can fall back on the notion of process over product, engineers have no such softness in their regulations. While all of the sciences demand rigorous attention to detail, there are few with as much practical emphasis on protecting the safety and health of human beings as engineering ha...


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